Name: Ronald Swanson
Title/Position: Department Chair, Professor
Department: College of Engineering
Specialties: Mechanical Engineering
Contact Phone: (987) 654-3210 Ext. 5150

Faculty Bio

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Course ID Course Number Course Name Test Instructor Room Number Days Time Credits Prerequisites
00011 EGR 215 Introduction to Interdisciplinary GIS Studies EB 304 Tues, Thurs 1am - 2:50am 4.0
00012 EGR 401 Product Liability and Patents EB 304 Tues, Thurs 3am - 4:50am 4.0 Completion of GE Area A and 2 lower division sub-areas in Area C or Area D.
00013 EGR 577 Aerodynamics of Wings and Bodies EB 304 Tues, Thurs 3am - 4:50am 4.0 Undergraduate courses in gas dynamics and aerodynamics.
00014 EGR 692 Master’s Degree Project EB 304 Tues, Thurs 3am - 4:50am 2.0 Advancement to candidacy.

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